Friday, April 28, 2017

Downton Abbey Memories ~ season 1

The best moments of Downton Abbey.

Let's start, shall we?

#1. First meeting

First meeting between Mary and Matthew. <3

#2. What is a Weekend?
 Dowager Countess asking 'what is a weekend?'. *laughs*

#3. Lady Sybil
Lady Sybil showing her blue dress with pants.

#4. Bates and Anna
Who doesn't love Anna and Bates? They are so cute together, and they keep loving each other, even when it gets difficult.

#5. ''I'd wait forever''
 Sybil asking Branson to give her a bit more time and his reaction. Sybil/Branson. <3

#6. The Proposal
Aww, isn't this cut?! <3  Matthew asking Mary to be his wife. (second time.)



Monday, January 2, 2017

Downton Abbey

You probably have been hiding under a rock if you missed all the fuss about the British TV series Downton Abbey. So, here's a review about this amazing and lovely tv show.
I particular love this period in history, de Edwardian dresses, the different characters, and the major change in the society. 

The series first screened in the UK in 2010 and is set at Highclere Castle in Newbury, West Berkshire, England.

Starting in 1912, Downton Abbey follows the family and staff of the Earl of Grantham who lives at Downton Abbey in the glorious English countryside. It's had beautiful Edwardian costumes and I LOVE everything about the show.
Created and written by Julian Fellowes. It stars Hugh Bonneville, Dame Maggie Smith, and Elizabeth McCormack, Penelope Wilton, Dan Stevens, Michelle Dockery, Jim Carter, Phyllis Logan, Lesley Nicol, Siobhan Finneran, Rob James Collier, Joanne Froggatt and Rose Leslie, and many others.
The costumes are so beautiful, lovely and colourful!! What can I say more!
This show is epic, amazing, lovely and sad. There are many sad things about this show, but I won't tell, because I know there are people who still are watching this show and they aren't by the end yet. 

There are so many characters! You got the upstairs people and downstairs people, the staff. And then there are the people who live in the village.

So, if you haven't seen the show yet, I will just tell you: WATCH IT!!!!! IT'S AMAZING!!
And I love the couples of Downton Abbey!! 

Hope you enjoyed this post. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Introducing my Downton Abbey Fan Blog

Hi there!!! Welcome to my Downton Abbey Fan Blog.

You probably know already that I'm a huge fan of DA. I had a blog before this one, but I deleted it.

I am rewatching DA again with my grandparents. It's so lovely!!!!

Maybe you don't know, but I have been already five months on a public school. I really like it. But it's so far away from my home, so I am staying with my grandparents for the week and in the weekends I go home again. 

My grandparents haven't watched DA yet, so the decided to borrow it from there library. 
That's why I'm rewatching it again.

Welcome to my DA Fan Blog!!!